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What Smart Renters Look for When Touring Monthly Apartment Rentals

Renters have many things to check when they tour monthly apartment rentals, and savvy tenants know to look beyond the number of bedrooms and color of the walls. As important as these might be, there are other important items to check. 

Important Things to Look for as You Tour Monthly Apartment Rentals

The Safety Basics: Locks & Alarms

Every reputable landlord has all of the necessary safety features and systems already installed in their apartments, but it’s always good to confirm that these are in place. After all, you don’t want to take any chances with the most important equipment. As you walk through an apartment, there are several essential security and safety items to check for:

  • Secure door locks
  • Secure window locks
  • Functional smoke detectors
  • Functional carbon monoxide detectors
  • Working sprinklers (in larger buildings)

Additionally, you might want to ask whether the door locks were rekeyed since the last tenant. Some landlords rekey between every renter, while others skip this step.

Notably, a fire extinguisher isn’t on this list of essential landlord-provided equipment. In many situations, the renter is responsible for obtaining their own fire extinguisher(s).

The Plumbing: Pressure, Temperature & Features

When inspecting the plumbing system, you want to check both the water itself and all of the plumbing features. While water quality varies between buildings, municipalities and regions, the water in an apartment should be generally decent. This is somewhat subjective, but it ought to at least provide good pressure to all faucets and get adequately hot.

With regard to plumbing features, all features should work properly. There shouldn’t be any leaks in handles or faucets, and all drains should be draining quickly. The toilets also ought to flush well.

The Amenities: Parking, Laundry & More

Monthly apartment rentals come with a wide variety of amenities, and most renters know to look for the amenities that matter most to them. Savvy renters go beyond the list of laundry facilities, parking spots and gyms, and they investigate these in more detail. Specifically, renters look at the cost of these amenities, their hours and their location. For example, how much will laundry cost to do (if anything) and how far away from a specific apartment is it? Also, is the gym open at a convenient time if one is available? 

The exact questions you should ask about amenities depend on the amenities that you’re interested in, but cost, hours and location will lead you toward good questions to consider.

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