Thrifty Ways to Enjoy the Las Vegas Retail Experience

When on a budget in Las Vegas, overspending can be avoided by visiting great gift stores and outlet malls.

Shopping on a Budget in Las Vegas

When taking an extended trip to the strip, shopping is a must. Not everyone can go on a spending spree at Las Vegas’ most pricey boutiques, however, so here’s a guide to shopping for people on a budget.

Buy Great Gifts

Don’t return home from your trip to Vegas empty handed. One of the best places to buy gifts is Bonanza, located on the Strip, which proudly proclaims itself the “world’s largest gift store.” This endless gift emporium sells every kind of souvenir imaginable, from postcards to Elvis paraphernalia. To buy gifts for people who love a good game of poker, swing by the Gamblers General Store, located downtown. This shrine to games has something for every budget, from vintage poker collectibles to books on gambling.

Fashion on a Budget

The Forum Shops, a hard to miss faux-Roman edifice located on the Strip, is a fashion lover’s paradise. Its stores range from high-end designers like Valentino to more budget friendly retailers like Banana Republic. On the off chance that nothing in this retail paradise catches your fancy, wandering through the decadent, marble-floored building is reason enough for a visit. When searching for sales, head on over to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South, a discounted outlet mall not far from the Strip. This bargain hunter’s dream has a wide variety of choices, from Nike to Hugo Boss.

Get Eclectic

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, try shopping at Retro Vegas. This eccentric shop in downtown Vegas has a number of curiosities, from Las Vegas themed art to vintage ashtrays. If you enjoy the great outdoors, head over to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. This retail experience is one of a kind, offering everything from a firing range to a live duck habitat. The store offers a wealth of reasonably priced goods for sportsmen.

Shopping is a fun thing to do when staying in Las Vegas weekly rentals, and it doesn’t have to hurt your bank account.