The Benefits of Fully Furnished Apartments for Those Moving Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Why Fully Furnished Apartments Are a Good Choice During COVID-19

Moving can be hectic, even when we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic. Weighing the pros and cons of moving into fully furnished apartments is more important than ever due to the continued spread of COVID-19. As you search for your next temporary living arrangement, consider these five benefits of moving into a fully furnished apartment:

You’ll Save Money 
Moving expenses can add up quickly. Between renting a truck, hiring movers, and purchasing the odds and ends that your new home needs, you can easily spend more than one month’s rent on moving expenses. Save your money by choosing fully furnished apartments that are move-in ready. Immediately, you’ll save hundreds of dollars on the cost of moving and the additional costs of buying additional furniture pieces to fill your new space.

You’ll Save Time 
Moving doesn’t just cost you money; it also costs you time. Packing and unpacking boxes are time-consuming enough without adding in the extra time needed to haul heavy furniture from place to place. Before you know it, hours can turn into days. Put that time to better use by moving into fully furnished apartments that have everything you need the moment you walk in through the door. 

You Aren’t Weighed Down by Furniture 
We all have different reasons for moving, and sometimes, those reasons may cause us to move unexpectedly. From getting a new job offer, moving in with a friend or partner, to buying a home. Individuals who anticipate moving relatively soon after their move-in will enjoy the convenience of fully furnished apartments. With a fully furnished apartment, you can feel comfortable pursuing opportunities that fulfill you without worrying about lugging heavy, awkward furniture from place to place. Simply move in, enjoy these comfortable furnishings and leave them behind whenever you decide to move to your next home. 

All Units are Thoroughly Cleaned by Professionals 
At Holiday Royale Residences, we’re working overtime to make sure all of our fully furnished apartments are thoroughly cleaned by a team of professionals. We complete an extensive cleaning cycle for each unit before moving the furniture in, then we clean the furniture as well to ensure that each resident moves into a home that is as orderly and sanitary as possible. 

You’ll Decrease Your Risk of Spreading COVID-19 
Exposure in these uncertain times has many individuals wanting to limit the amount of time they spend in public places. Although trips to the grocery store may be necessary, fully furnished apartments remove your need to make unnecessary trips to the furniture store. Instead, you’ll be able to stay safe and comfortable in your own home, without worrying about potentially increasing your risk of exposure to the coronavirus. 

Holiday Royale Offers Fully Furnished Apartments in the Heart of Las Vegas

Holiday Royale invites you to stay at our fully furnished apartments and make Las Vegas your home. We’re here to support all new members of our Las Vegas community through these unusual times. To learn more about our fully furnished apartments and how we’re doing our part to secure the health and safety of our residents, contact us today!