Reasons to Move into an Apartment Instead of a Home

One of the main aspects of the American Dream has always been buying a home. However, in recent years, due to changing lifestyles and priorities, more and more young couples and individuals choose to live longer in apartments.

Though it may sound absurd, apartment living has transformed. Whereas apartments were previously associated with the inability to afford a house, today, there are new monthly apartment rentals that offer luxurious living.

If you’re wondering whether living in an apartment is better than a home, you’ll find all the necessary information. 


One of the main reasons many people opt for monthly apartment rentals today is that they’re a low-cost option compared to mortgages. Though there are apartments that cost more than the mortgage of some houses, all in all, it costs more to live in a house. This is because, besides the mortgage payments, you will incur additional expenses such as HOA fees, property tax, and the down payment you are required to put up.

Apartment living also comes with relatively lower utility bills as compared to large homes. For instance, you will enjoy a lot of savings when it comes to heating bills as your AC won’t have to work as much to heat a smaller space. Also, because apartments are close to each other, only a little heat is lost, thus reducing heating needs.


Security is one of the primary considerations you should make when deciding where to live. Other than the location, the type of house also plays a significant role. Apartments offer greater security than stand-alone homes.

As with many houses, apartments have security cameras to monitor what’s going on. However, the fact that they offer a communal environment with controlled access sets monthly apartment rentals apart. Whereas cameras help ascertain what happened, the presence of neighbors reduces the chances of any theft occurring, and they can raise the alarm when something goes wrong.

Modern apartments also have extra fire protection and additional safety features suitable for families with children or older adults. 


Do you enjoy swimming, or are you a workout aficionado? The best part of living in monthly apartment rentals is the access you get to modern amenities. To promote healthy lifestyles and attract renters, modern apartments have various facilities that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Though it’s possible to have some of these things in a private home, apartment buildings offer it all. From gyms to pools and playgrounds or salons, spas, and movie theatres, everything will be available to you. And, the best part of all, it’s free for residents.

Great for People Who Are Always on the GO

If you are the kind of person who enjoys experiencing life in different cities, then monthly rental apartments are the perfect option for you. In a private house setup, you have to make arrangements to sell or find someone to rent your house if you want to relocate. 

In many apartments, you will have the option to take a lease that lasts as short as three months. This gives you the freedom to move as much as you want.

Hotel Living at Affordable Prices

There are many benefits of living in an apartment, and key among them are security and access to world-class facilities. Are you thinking of moving to a modern apartment where you can get a taste of hotel living? At the Holiday Royale, you’ll get a wide range of apartments in a quiet and friendly atmosphere. Contact us today to book a unit.