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Items You Need to Pack When Moving into Fully Furnished Apartments

Fully furnished apartments come with essential furniture and appliances, which makes them extremely convenient to move into. This decreases the number of items you need to bring with you when you move, so what’s left to pack? Check out this list of remaining essentials: 

The Kitchen: Cookware & Food

Be prepared to bring your own kitchenware. Some apartments include pots, pans, plates, glasses, silverware and the like, but others don’t. Regardless of what’s provided, you can expect to need your own food and food saving gear. You can get basic groceries on your first or second day in the place, but it’s easy to pack plastic ware for storing leftovers.

The Living Room: Electronics

The living room will come with a sufficient amount of furniture for the space, but many fully furnished apartments don’t have any electronics. Thus, you’ll need to bring whatever you like to work on and watch. This is as simple as a laptop for some, but others prefer to have a larger television, DVD player and other equipment.

The Bathroom: Toiletries

The bathroom should be outfitted with everything you need except your personal toiletries. For this area, simply pack as if you were going on an extended stay at a hotel that didn’t supply soap or shampoo.

The Bedroom: Bedding & Clothes

The bedroom will have a bed and perhaps a nightstand and dresser. It won’t, however, have much of anything that’s portable. Be sure to pack your own clothes hangers, pillows, sheets, and blankets. You might also want a box fan if your apartment doesn’t have a ceiling fan.

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