How to Save on Buffets in Las Vegas

Though dirt-cheap buffets are outdated in Las Vegas, there are still ways that visitors can save a few dollars while enjoying this iconic experience.

How to Save Money at Las Vegas Buffets

Unfortunately, the days of plentiful $.99 shrimp cocktails and $2.99 all you can eat buffets are in the past. Modern visitors to Las Vegas are much more likely to encounter prices of $20, $30 and even $50 or more per person when visiting the lush buffets in Strip casinos like the Bellagio, the Cosmopolitan, Caesar’s Palace and others. However, that does not mean the cost-conscious need to stay in their Las Vegas studio apartments and cook their own meals every night. There are still a few tips that locals know to save a few dollars.

Time Your Buffet Carefully

Virtually all the casino buffets have different prices for breakfast, lunch, and, dinner, with increasing prices and selections that grow fancier with each meal. Virtually all of them allow guests to pay the price for one meal and remain as the food changes over. To save money on lunch, drive at breakfast’s end; by the time you seat and get your drinks, the lunch selections should be available. The price difference at the fancier buffets from lunch to dinner, which likely features elaborate seafood, can easily be $15 per person.

Join the Club

This is true for every casino you enter for variety of reasons – never play a dime in a casino without joining their free player’s club. Many casinos offer free buffets or discounted prices to members, particularly when first joining. The Station Casinos, located in various locations just off the strip, offer $2 less per person to club members, and are a great budget alternative.

Google is Your Friend

A few months before your visit, start to regularly search for buffet discounts. Groupon often features deals for a few different Strip buffets, including Planet Hollywood and even the ultrahigh-end Bacchanal at Caesar’s Palace while Living Social and other sites have offered other deals as well. Usually these offers are short-lived, so grab them when they come up. The free MyVegas game on Facebook also regularly offers easy to win 2 for ones for Strip buffets.