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How to Make a Fully Furnished Apartment Feel More Personal

Fully furnished apartments are convenient and economical places to rent when you’re living short-term in a location, but these places don’t always have the same individual touch that a long-term home would. If you’re renting a fully furnished apartment, here’s how to give the place a more personal touch:

Display Personal Photographs
Displaying photographs is becoming somewhat antiquated now that most pictures are digital, but nothing will add more of a personal touch than physical photographs of people and places you love. Moreover, photographs are inexpensive to get printed and framed. You can print 5×7, 8×10 and 10×16 photos at stores and online inexpensively, and many stores sell decent frames at low prices. Get a few of your favorite photographs printed and framed, and display some in each of your apartment’s rooms. Each time you enter another space in the apartment, you’ll be reminded of people you love and places where you’ve enjoyed spending time.

Hang Your Own Artwork
Artwork can also add a lot of personality, for what type of artwork is hung on walls becomes a very personal choice. When you first move into a fully furnished apartment, don’t be afraid to take down the standard artwork that’s on the walls and put it into storage. You can then hang pieces of your own choosing to create a space that you think looks good and that reflects your personality. If a lease prohibits you from hanging artwork directly on the walls, you can still use this method by putting artwork on your furniture instead. The sides of bookshelves and dressers, in particular, are good places to post a few pieces.

Invest in Your Own Bedding
If there’s one thing you buy to put in your fully furnished apartment, it should be bedding. Invest in sheets, pillowcases, pillows and a comforter that you like, and you’ll be able to climb into a cozy bed at the end of every day. Bedding is especially good to get because it adds style to the bedroom, increases your bed’s comfort, gets used every night and can easily be packed up if you move a lot. Also, you know that bedding will work in every place you rent so long as the furnished apartment has the right size bed.

Take Up Cooking
Cooking is a good hobby for when you’re feeling especially homesick. You can make most recipes with the standard equipment that’s found in a fully furnished apartment’s kitchen, and the smell and taste of dishes can be powerful. Make mac ‘n cheese like Grandma used to or Mom’s chocolate chip cookies and see whether you don’t feel more at home.

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