How to Decorate Your Las Vegas Studio Apartment for a Virtual Christmas Party

Large holiday parties might be off-limits this year, but you can still have a great time by hosting a virtual party! Not only will this help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but virtual parties are also perfect for anybody living in Las Vegas studio apartments. It’s a great way to gather all your family and friends, without worrying about space or distancing limitations!

Want to make sure your party is as festive as possible? Check out these fun holiday decorating tips for Las Vegas Studio Apartments.


Decorative Blanket & Throws

Changing out your throw blankets and pillows is one of the easiest decorating ideas for Las Vegas studio apartments. This will allow you to give your living area a fun and festive vibe, without taking up any additional space. Depending on your style, you might want to consider faux fur, plaid or another holiday theme.


Tabletop Tree

Many Las Vegas studio apartments are a bit too cramped to fit a full-sized Christmas tree. However, if you have your heart set on this tradition, you can still decorate with a table-top tree. This miniature version is super cute, and you can make it look just like the real thing. Top it with a star, hang mini ornaments and even put small gifts underneath.


Window Decor

Your windows are another space you can easily decorate without crowding your apartment. Consider hanging wreaths on ribbon or adding some twinkling lights. You can also add pieces of garland or ribbon in various lengths and hang colorful, shiny ornaments on the ends.


Cabinet Bows

Dressing up the kitchen area is a great way to give Las Vegas studio apartments a festive holiday vibe. Simply wrap thick decorative ribbon lengthwise down your cabinet doors. Then, adorn each one with a pretty bow. It’s super simple to do and will make a beautiful backdrop for your virtual Christmas party.


Snowman Doors

It’s also easy (and fun!) to turn your refrigerator into a snowman. Tape up pieces of colored construction paper or use magnets to give your freezer eyes, a nose and a mouth. Then use red or patterned pieces of paper or tape to make a “scarf” at the top of your refrigerator door, and add a few more black circles to create “buttons” down the front. Your Christmas party guests will be so impressed with your creativity!


Hanging Lights

Nothing says Christmas quite like the soft twinkle of string lights. This makes them the perfect holiday accent for Las Vegas studio apartment. Hang them on your walls, doors and your sleeping space. Choose Christmas colors to give your apartment a true holiday feel or add some white lights that you can keep up well into the New Year.


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