How to Choose a Studio Apartment That Looks Bigger Than It Really Is

Learn how to choose the best layout and setup for a studio apartment so that you can maximize the functionality of your space and the storage that it provides.

How to Choose the Best Studio Apartment Layout

Living in a studio apartment is a great way to enjoy the freedom and independence of having your own space. Las Vegas studio apartments are often located in desirable parts of the city and near to nightlife, restaurants and retail centers. Consider these tips for finding the best possible layout for a studio apartment so that you can make the most of the space that you have.

Tall Ceilings

Look for a studio apartment that has tall ceilings. Tall ceilings enable you to use the vertical space for storage, such as hanging your bike from hooks or installing a net to hold a collection of stuffed animals. Tall ceilings also make it easy to wall-mount your flat-screen TV or to set up a tall shelving unit for your books.

Lots of Storage

If possible, find a studio apartment that has lots of built-in storage. Cabinets are a great way to store items and do not have to be limited to just food and dishes in the kitchen area. You can also use cabinets to store your hobby supplies or offseason clothing. Built-in bookshelves and drawers are another great way to maximize the storage space that is available in a studio apartment.

Abundant Natural Light

When plenty of natural sunlight is able to make its way into a studio apartment, the space will feel bigger. Tall windows allow lots of sun to shine into your room. If possible, choose a studio that faces the east or south, as these directions tend to allow the greatest amount of sunlight into your space. Instead of hanging up heavy or dark curtains, use sheer panels or shades for privacy. These will still allow some of the sunlight to come through. You can also use a special UV lamp or bulb that shines the full spectrum of light to brighten up your apartment.