Get Great Views in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city with an abundance of sights. There are a few vantage points guaranteed to give visitors an unparalleled view.

Where to Get the Best Views of Las Vegas

When you’re ready to step out of the comfort of your Las Vegas weekly rentals and see the city, sometimes it’s wise to do so from a bird’s eye view. Las Vegas has no shortage of places sure to give you an unparalleled view of this amazing city.

You Really Can’t Miss It

Standing 1,149 feet tall, the tower for the Stratosphere serves as a beacon and a quick way for Las Vegans to orient themselves when lost. The tallest structure west of the Mississippi, the Stratosphere allows guests a 360-degree view of the entire valley during the day and a dazzling feast of neon lights at night. The thrill rides and revolving restaurant at the top serve the braves and the hungriest of visitors. Locals know that a visit to the bar at the top allows those 21 and up to skip the price of admission to the observation area.

The Heart of The Strip

Two great views that put you squarely in the middle of the action are the Eiffel Tower at Paris and the High Roller at the Linq. At 541 feet, the Eiffel Tower is built to half scale of the original. Though not as high as some other views, its position just across the street from the Bellagio allows a unique view of the fountain show as well as prime viewing of the hustle and bustle of the Strip. At almost the same height (just 9 feet higher), the High Roller has the distinction of being the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The slow-moving ride takes a full 30 minutes, allowing for a relaxed, climate-controlled trip, with different sights revealing themselves as the ride continues.

Get Out Of Town!

An hour’s drive away, Mt Charleston, as well as the frequent scenic views along the way, allow for a completely different experience than anything provided by the city. Desert vistas, dense forests, nuclear testing sites, and a far off Sin City in the distance are just a few of the wonderful sights.