Efficiency Apartment Versus Hotel Room: The Winner May Surprise You

You may be able to save money and get more amenities by renting an efficiency apartment in Las Vegas rather than getting a hotel room. Find out why.

Try Apartment Living On Your Next Vacation

When preparing to travel to Las Vegas for a vacation, business trip or college visit, one of your first thoughts is probably about booking a hotel room. But is that really your best option? Depending on the reasons for and length of your stay, you may be better off renting Las Vegas studio apartments than booking a hotel room. Here’s why.


Of course you’ll want to visit The Strip during your stay in Las Vegas, but visiting the action and trying to sleep in the midst of it are too very different things. Most Vegas hotels are located right on or just off of the strip, which can make for loud accommodations. While fun for a night or two of adventure, you may want to sleep in a quieter community setting after that. Renting a studio apartment puts you in a more restful environment when you’re tired of the hustle and bustle while still keeping you within a few blocks of the fun.

Better Amenities

It’s true you may not have maid service when renting an efficiency apartment, but the money the complex saves on daily housekeeping is poured into great amenities. Apartments are usually fully furnished, gated, secured and video monitored. Units are fully furnished with all the comforts of home, including dishes, cookware and large-screen televisions as well. If your stay will be longer than just a few days, you’ll really appreciate having all these comforts of home.

Lower Price

The cost to stay in a hotel room for a month is far more expensive than that of renting a small apartment. While some hotels will give you a price break if you’re staying for a while, this is a rare find in a city as busy as Las Vegas. Many apartment complexes are willing to pro-rate your stay if it will be less than a month, and this can result in significant savings during your stay. An apartment may sound like an extravagance but can offer you many of the perks of a hotel suite at a fraction of the price. Consider giving it a try on your next trip to Las Vegas.