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Ask These Questions when Choosing a Fully Furnished Apartment

Homeownership primary life goal for many Americans. However, in recent years, there’s been a slight shift. More people than ever are opting to rent instead of buy. The option of living in a fully furnished apartment makes renting even more convenient. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a fully furnished apartment:

Questions to Help You Find the Right Fully Furnished Apartment

  1. Is It Move-in Ready?

Before signing the lease, make sure you know to what extent the apartment is furnished. In some cases, the apartment only comes with basic furniture, such as sofas, a dining table and appliances. A key area to focus on when shopping for apartments is the kitchen. Appliances such as a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and water heater can enhance your living experience significantly.

  1. Can You Personalize It?

A fully furnished apartment comes with basically everything you need in a house, and some even have interior décor, such as wall art. However, it won’t feel like home unless you can personalize it. Rental properties often indicate what tenants are allowed to change and what shouldn’t be altered. If you love personalized living spaces, find out the restrictions and guidelines on how and what you can make changes to.

  1. Nearby Amenities

When renting a fully furnished apartment, you’re not just buying into the apartment, but also the community. It’s important to consider all the amenities available within the apartment building and the surrounding area. Depending on your lifestyle, some of the amenities to look out for include gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, stadiums, etc.

  1. Security

One of the key benefits of a fully furnished apartment is that you do not have to move in with a lot of things. Regardless of what you move in with, your safety and that of your belongings is still important. Make sure that the building has sufficient security measures in place. This includes secured entrances, CCTV cameras and even a house safe. 

  1. Parking Space

Even if you do not own a vehicle but have plans to buy one, enquire about parking space allocation. Having a safe parking space in your apartment building will save you the hassle and cost of looking for one elsewhere.

Will You Have Space for Your Things?

Theoretically, you can move into a fully furnished apartment with just a suitcase of clothes. However, it’s more likely that you will have some other things you wish to bring. Therefore, the furnished apartment must also have enough space to accommodate your belongings. Holiday Royale has fully furnished apartments that offer hotel living at apartment prices. If you have additional belongings you’re not sure what to do with, we also offer a secure self-storage facilityBook online or call us today at 800-732-7676, and we’ll help you find your perfect accommodations.