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6 Things to Do in Las Vegas for Halloween

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Nothing beats Halloween in Sin City

By Gabyu- Gabriel

Celebrating Halloween in any other part of the country includes trick-or-treaters running up and down the streets and parents hoping their kids burn off their sugar highs before bed time.  In Vegas, that’s a totally different story.

Vegas is where adults come to escape their mundane lives but during Halloween, visitors take it one step further: it’s where they literally come to mask their identities and do what they normally would not have the courage for.

This Halloween, pack your bags and take a trip to Las Vegas.  The following is a list of activities and attractions that will help you live up to the Sin City reputation during your Halloween escapades:

1. Trick-or-Treat Pub Crawl

pub crawl

Pub crawls are a great way to meet new people.

By Michael @ NW Lens

To start your night off on the right foot, sign up for a Pub Crawl. offers crawls that will take you through some of the best bars and clubs Vegas has to offer.  This is a good way to meet new people and experience the Vegas night life.  With the chilly weather outside, a few drinks in your system will help keep you nice and warm inside.  The cherry on top? Most bars have amazing drink specials all night long.

2. Circus Circus Frightdome


This year the Fright Dome will be converted to Ground Zero for the zombie apocalypse.

By Miss Shari

With some liquid courage running through your system you might be feeling pretty brave… So meander over to the Frightdome at the Circus Cirucus Hotel and Casino and experience a zombie outbreak at its’ scariest!

3. Eli Roth’s multilevel Goretorium


Separating the men from the boys…

By CaioSchiavo

You have the macho dude in your group that thought the Frightdome was just not frightening enough and who laughed at your expense through it all? Don’t worry, revenge is around the corner.  Take him to the Goretorium, Vegas’ only year-round scare attraction. Words cant describe it… let’s just say he won’t leave the Goretorium feeling very Macho anymore.

4. Las Vegas Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade

Wacky costumes are the norm at the LV Halloween Parade.

By PaulSteinJC

Want to enjoy an attraction that’s a little less scary but just as much fun? Go Downtown and enjoy the this year’s Halloween parade where the best of the best costumes come out and all you have to do is watch with your drink in your hand.  After your mind has been boggled with some of the awesome costumes, bring up your courage again with a free After Party.

5.  Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses Concert

Guns N Roses

Concerts are a must for Halloween.

By rior4

If music is what gets your blood pumping, don’t miss out on the Guns N’Roses concert.  They will be playing Halloween Night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

6. Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball

Halloween BallBy taylorsevens

There’s only one way to end your night in Sin City: dance until you don’t remember the events of your evening. So suit up in your wildest and most creative costume and party the night away at the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball.  You’ll be in the company of Vegas’ craziest partiers bumping and jumping to some of the nation’s best DJ’s.

After all this fun your body will be yearning for a place to crash. Be sure to reserve your room in some of the best short term rentals Las Vegas has to offer. If you make it to just 3 out of the 6 events listed above, your night is guaranteed to be one to remember for a very long time.

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